So tired!……

The first day of my A levels. Was super excited and pumped. A new beginning and a chance to meet so many new people and make friends.

Back in the familiar place called school. The very same where i have been studying for the past 11 years. I felt good to be back because this place has almost become my second home. I remember walking down the long corridors and in the dusty school ground as a 5 year old. I cant turn time back but now whenever i see a bespectacled little kid walking about here and there, it gives me a small glimpse of myself….

Anyways, the classes started. Packed full of new faces, new hopes, and new dreams. The teachers here are an interesting breed. They try to joke, and expect the whole class to burst out roaring with laughter(i hope i got that right) and when they become angry they expect the whole class to cower in fear. Strangely enough, They never seem to get their desired response.

I got some interesting teachers. Good ones i hope….because today was the first day and we didn’t get to meet all of them. Probably next time, i will write a detailed blog about each one of them. But i wrote this blog to address another issue…

I had a crush on my first day back to school 🙂

I caught her eye during class. She has an incredible smile( I’m a sucker for pretty smiles), not to mention a very beautiful face. For an instant, I just stared at her then noticed her conscious look so turned away. But needless to say, i feel for her hard. i guess that’s what crushes are all about. WOW!!…..

ok, just tell me i sound too cheesy. But, it’s true. It gave me this strange feeling in the stomach, hard to describe. Like a pit in my stomach……..Thank you guys, for bearing this ordeal with me. I had to let it out and what better way then to write on my blog.

Next time i will come up with a better topic……

My Rambling….

Life is so interesting when you know what to look out for.

I hang out with a weird bunch of people, and by weird, i mean immensely interesting.

I tend to roam around in the streets with them, chill out with them at malls, have parties at barbeque joints, drink piping hot tea at Khan Bhai’s hotel and scald my tongue, and so many more things.

At times though, I find out rather disturbing stuff about them; It makes me feel annoyed, angry, disgusted and just out right disappointed. Becomes hard to reconcile myself with such facts.

However, such revelations make me realize the fact that even the most wonderful people have their flaws, and no one is perfect. I try my level best to make them realize their flaws with hurting them. If i can’t, well, I must come to term with it……